The Great High Mountain Tour, featuring songs and performances by artists from the O Brother, Where Art Thou ? and Cold Mountain soundtracks, kicks off on May 5 in Knoxville , Tennessee , in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and make its way across North America

The show, modeled on the highly successful 2002 Down From the Mountain Tour presented by Grammy winning producer T Bone Burnett, and produced by Kevin Lyman and 4 Fini, Inc., will feature several artists from that tour including: Alison Krauss (who performed two Oscar nominated songs in Cold Mountain ) & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, Ralph Stanley, the Cox Family, Nashville Bluegrass Band, The Whites, and Norman & Nancy Blake. Dirk Powell, Riley Baugus, Tim Eriksen, and Reeltime.

"Down From The Mountain was an extraordinary night of music," says Burnett, "and we are going deeper into this exploration of traditional American music with the artists and songs from Cold Mountain . There is great freedom in this music and in these shows that allows for every evening to be unique."

“Something of a ‘sequel' to the 2002 Down From the Mountain Tour, this latest incarnation retained the flavor of the original but added enough new acts to make the show engaging for concertgoers who keep coming back for more.”   “…a refreshing mixture of roots-music royalty and relative newcomers.” 

Bobby Reed, Chicago Sun Times

“…the show was a magnificent slice of early Americana—and the most joyful lesson imaginable.”

Edward Morris,

“The Great High Mountain Tour comes close to putting more talent onstage than an acoustic music fan can handle.”

Wayne Bledsoe, Knoxville News Sentinel

“…during the Chicago stop of the Great High Mountain tour, the capacity crowd experienced the vocal power of American traditional music sung from the depths of the soul.”

Michael Parrish, Chicago Tribune

“[T Bone] Burnett has launched The Great High Mountain Tour, in which a sprawling caravan of roots artists crosses the land making what once was old new again.”

Dave Tianen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel